VR Loops


This project was a first introduction to VR for me. I decided to just follow some lessons online, and look up how to create VR games in Unity. And during this process i learned a lot about the different possibilities of interaction, movement, and thinking whenever you make a vr game. There are so many more possibilities when a person can move their head and arms in different directions. That’s why i thought to just start off by making a simple vr basketball game, to test if it’s easy to score a point with basketbal in vr. And as i discovered, to me, it required the same amount of skill, but less amount of strength.

From this simple proof of concept, i decided to create a simple basketball game where the player has to score the highest score possible, by bouncing the ball on as many surfaces as possible before entering the net. It’s quite a hard game, but it’s also very rewarding.


The goal of the game is to get the highest score. And each time a player gets a specified score or higher, the net might change locations, or the enviroment might change with more or less objects. The game takes place in around 2040, and you’re using a very high tech net and a special helium filled ball, so you have no worries about the ball being heavy.

sadly, i’ve only been developing for a year now, and i never save my projects very well. I sadly deleted the game, because i started to make the VR Art Thief in the same Unity project. But, no important code was used. I created some simple events for when the player gained a score. And a simple GameManager for the changing of the enviroment and score.

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