Pokemon Snap VR


How about I recreate a game from almost everybody’s childhood, but make it in VR? And for those who don’t have VR, how about i port the same game, over to android? And that’s what i tried to do.


First off, i started with creating the main gameplay, and for not having worked with any multiplatform inputs, I thought it wasn’t that hard. The main goal for the player was to take pictures, and throw candy’s. So for the game i only had to change the input for the vr player to the controller triggers, and for the mobile player to a canvas with buttons. The rest of the game, like the locomotion, and the pokemans, didn’t have to change and stayed the same on both platforms.


The only art used was a model i created in VR with a program called “Masterpiece VR”. Other than that i tried to create a shader i have seen multiple times online but never tried to recreate. I tried to create a water shader for around the island, so the water would actually wave around and didn’t look static.

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