Mobile Dance


The goal of the project was to make a game/interaction that touches people. I personally think that the best way to touch people is to make them happy. So my design was to create a game where people can just feel happy by dancing. Just turn it on, choose one of the 3 built in songs, or play your own music. Finally, find a friend! It could be one of your close friends, or even a stranger if you want. With this app you can just dance the night away. No score, no end, and no limit. Just fun!



The biggest challenge was the design. For the game i just wanted a simple interface that anyone would understand. Once i got a design i liked, i started making the art using a new program i just got called “Aseprite”. While making the art i also searched for some good and fun music to dance to, and i got 3 songs: This is america, i guess – by: EugeneYour Soul – by: Forrest (ft. Biswig)Peggy Suave _Posin’ – by: Sim Gretine.



Once i got all the art and songs together it was nothing but a simple process to put it all together in Unity. And i was so happy with the results. Many of my friends said that they liked it and wanted the app themselveses, so that’s when i decided to make a gamejolt page and put this as my first game online.

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