Game-Jam Games


This game jam was “One Button”, where we had to create a game which could be player by only one button. So I immediately thought of the classic “press f to pay respects” meme, and that’s why i created this game. It’s a simple game where you have to press F at the right times to continue to the next level, but be careful, because the game get’s faster and faster, and it’s your goal to pay respect to the most people.


This game jam was “high risk, high gain”, and we had to create a game where the player could get a higher score or reward, if they chose the higher risk. So i created a simple jumping game where the player can choose their difficulty level, and the higher difficulty, the higher the gained score. But, if you want the highest score, you’re gonna need some skill.


This game jam was “Oh god what have i done”, and I created a game in which the player can say exactly that. In Water Fun you play as a “friendly” neighborhood fireman, who goes around town to help the kids cool off in the hot summer sun. You automatically move forward as your goal is to shoot water at every kid. And make sure you get all the kids, because if you don’t… everybody’s gonna have a bad time.

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