Beets ‘N Seeds


Beets N Seeds is a group project I created for school and i had a lot of fun making this.

For this project I worked with a friend of mine “Max Kersten”. He created the working multiplayer game play, while I worked on the Menu UI and all of the game data basing.

For the game we thought of marketing it as a collectible game, where you’ll be able to collect character cards from supermarkets or other sale stunts. With these cards you get a little information about the vegetable on the card, but also a code, which I have implemented into the game so users can one time unlock every character by collecting these cards.

All the other data basing involved mostly user logging in, and character unlock and select before the game starts. Other than that I helped Max a little bit with some multiplayer stuff, because the unity multiplayer api was new to the both of us. But other than that, i’d say i’m really happy about the resulting game.
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