About me:

My name is Pepijn Kok.

Also known as Atlas Titanium online, I’m a 22 year old VR gameplay developer from the Netherlands. I studied at the HKU, the University of the Arts Utrecht, for Games and Interaction. Currently i’m interested in VR game-play and interaction programming.

My interests are always all over the place. From making mobile games, to making VR games, to even making other interactives like arcades, controllers, and sometimes art. At this point i like to just do whatever i’m exited about, and it’s fun.

Most recently I decided to credit my work under ATVR, which stands for Atlas Titanium Virtual Reality. 
The reason for this is not much other than giving my work a little name people might remember me by, and it has stuck with many of my friends and former teachers!




This is ATLAS

Atlas is my online persona. I feel very comfortable being called Atlas online because he’s someone i’m connected to.

Atlas started out as my playable character for the video game Destiny (by Bungie). He was my first character, and he was a Titan. A friend of mine suggested that I’d give my Titan a name, so I decided to call him Atlas. (you know, like Atlas the Titan, the mythical titan that carried the world on his shoulders).

Eventually, I played Atlas so much, that I started to use his name almost everywhere. I made my first Twitter account and wanted to call it Atlas The Titan. but obviously, that was already taken so I went with the next best thing: Atlas is an EXO, EXO’s are made of “Titanium” (I guess) so I’ll call him Atlas Titanium (or in some cases Titanium Atlas because I’m also a fan of Japanese culture)

And when I got the name Atlas Titanium, I stuck with it till this day. I love being called Atlas.

Curriculum Vitae


C#, Python
Arduino IDE, Blender
Maya, Game Maker Studio
Unreal, C++


2011 – 2016 : SENIOR GENERAL SECONDARY EDUCATION – SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY [Alberdingk Thijm College Hilversum]

2016 – 2017 : HBO-ICT (STOPPED) [Hogeschool Utrecht]

2017 – 2021 : GAME DEVELOPMENT – BACHELOR OF CMGT [HKU University of the Arts Utrecht]


2014 – TODAY : Stomerij/Wasserij Chemi Kok (Family business)

– Cleaning, Moving, and Delivery

2010 – 2020 : Scouting Maggy Lekeux

– Member

2018 – 2019: Scouting Maggy Lekeux

– Scouts Guide

2019 – 2020: Innovation Studio HKU

– Intern

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