Pepijn Kok

VR Gameplay Developer


Welcome to ATVR productions! I am Pepijn Kok, and I’m a 22 year old VR Gameplay Developer!

This website is my portfolio for almost all the work I do, and I try to keep this website as updated as I can.
And as you can probably see from my production name, I like to make VR games! I’m obsessed with VR, Immersion and Gameplay mechanics for video games, and that’s why I try to keep my focus on anything about that.
I also like to say that I’m still learning, mostly as an excuse for the work you’re about to see, but also very much as an introduction to who I am! I love learning!

Learning new skills is one of my favorite activity’s. Learning something new is always a fun challenge that has a huge reward. Learning something fast will never happen, but as long as I’m doing something or learning something new, I’m going the right way!


Project JUNK

A Mixed-Reality Theater performance for both people in the real world and in NEOS VR, made for “Project Context” on request of Joris Weijdom

Tags: VR, Mixed-Reality, Experimental

Night Heist

A VR/Mobile Couch Co-op game where players get to work together to Heist a museum. Made for “Project Vrij” and still

Tags: VR, Multiplayer,

VR Guesture Recognizer

This is my graduation project in which I worked on a Neural Network that can record and recognize any given VR guesture

Tags: VR, Solo-Project, 

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