Hello! I am Pepijn Kok – VR Gameplay Developer

I am 22 years old and I recently graduated from the HKU in Utrecht for Game Development.
On this website you can find almost all of the projects I made either by myself or in a group, and each page has more details into what I did for the projects, and some pages explain what I learned from the project

The most important part about my work is the new technologies. I love working with new skills or mechanics to build fun and entertaining games that immerse the player into a rich and filled world. And I find that through building well working and immersive game mechanics, a player will be pulled into the game as if they are a person living in it. This is also why my specialty comes in VR. I have made many different VR and AR games that all used different mechanics and build programs, which allowed me to learn different skills throughout my 4 years of college.

My skills include a rich knowlegde of Unity 2017 and up, including the old and new Unity Multiplayer API, UnityXR and SteamVR plugins, AR Vuforia, and other basic Unity plugins like Post Prossessing, and a bit of ShaderGraph.
And of course as a developer, I am also skilled in C#, including having built a Backpropegation Neural Network for a VR Guesture Tracker, and i’m knowledgeable in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and I have basic knowledge in C++ and even BASIC.

I have a lot of work experience with working in groups for many different projects, and throughout my studies I’ve experienced working with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello and I am also skilled in using Github, Gitlab, and Sourcetree.
Working with people from different profiles has taught me to communicate clearly with game artist, game designers, interaction designers and even working with theater producers, and product designers.

But that’s enough words about me, I’d recommend going to my projects page to see what I have worked on. Each of those project pages will talk about what I worked on, maybe why I worked on it, and what I learned. And for those interested in my code, some of my projects have code snippets for clarity, but most will talk about my process into developing that code. But I’ll always have my GitHub, where you can find almost all of my projects or project code.